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5 Effective Methods in Getting Residential Solar Leads

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Solar power is on the rise, and residential solar leads are the new goldmine. It’s a growing industry that has been steadily increasing in popularity, and more people want to learn how they can get into it. There’s a lot of information about solar panels, but few discuss what you need to do if you want to sell them.

If you are looking for solar leads, there are many different tactics that you can use to get the attention of potential customers. The following list of five effective methods in getting residential solar leads should help you scale up your solar business.

Customize Your Solar Marketing Approach

There are a lot of different marketing tactics that you can use to promote your solar business. However, it’s essential not just to throw a bunch of information at consumers and hope for the best. Instead, tailor your approach so that each customer gets an individualized message based on their unique situation. This will help them learn more about what they need and, hopefully, convert them into customers.

Optimize Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is when you create content that consumers are looking for. This includes blog posts, infographics, videos, and other types of media. By providing this information to customers who want it in the first place, they will be more likely to seek your business out because you’ve already provided them with what they need.

According to a 2021 marketing statistics study, 51% of online buyers search for the product they intend to buy before buying it. If you’re offering the relevant content about the solar panels you sell, it becomes easier for your potential buyers to close solar deals with you.

Participate in Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach out and connect with the people looking for what you offer. By participating on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and others, your business will be able to make connections with customers as well as receive direct messages from those interested in your services.

You can create paid ads on these social media platforms that will help you direct the right type of traffic to your website.

Encourage Reviews on your Website

This is a great way to show that you have been able to satisfy the needs of at least some customers, and this will help potential leads know what they can expect from hiring you. Be sure to ask for reviews after every job has been completed without appearing to be too desperate or pushy.

Incentives are another great way to get reviews. Offer your customers a deal that incentivizes them to post an honest review on any of these websites, and many will take you up on this offer.

Follow the Right People in Real-Time

Social media platforms are constantly evolving based upon what their users want, so it is essential to follow the right people and follow them in real-time.

Ensure you are using the right hashtags when posting about your business. Do not forget to include a link back to your website so that potential customers can easily access more information from their phones or tablets.

There are many ways to get residential solar leads, but these five methods represent the most effective. Take a look at your website analytics and determine which is bringing in more traffic than others so you can focus on those specific strategies.

If you need help with your website, don’t hesitate to contact Solar Exclusive at any time for the best solar marketing services for your company.


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