It takes courage, self-drive, and determination to be a great director. Directors are symbols of authority in the company and a link between the management and the board. So, to achieve that, such a leader should possess specific attributes as stated below.

Innovation and Problem-Solving

It takes a lot of effort to run a successful business. A director has to improvise ways to raise the company’s standards and help employees accomplish them. They should learn from the past, seek advice from colleagues and adopt the best ideas in running the business.

Leadership Qualities

Many would presume that all directors have leadership qualities. You’d be amazed to find some are positioned there without traits like influence, integrity, empathy, and ability to delegate. An effective leader should be in the frontline, leading by example.

Competitive Drive

Every business has its competitors. So, directors should focus on the core goal; success. Directors are the head, and if they lose competitive drive, the company will not succeed. For instance, Fiddler’s Creek Aubrey Ferrao has a competitive drive that made it succeed up-to-date.

Understand the Business

A good director will take a step further and learn about its potential and what it takes to bring it to reality. They can succeed in that mission by visiting the suppliers and customers and learn and get views on what they’d want to be improved.

Passion for Learning

Continuing with education is essential even to the experienced directors. The world is changing; thus, directors should stay relevant to the current trends. They should also share that knowledge with employees and other management personnel.

Excellent Communication Skills

Customers and employees like to associate with a leader who is easy to reach, attentive, and friendly. Directors with effective communication skills will motivate the employees to work hard and consult them in times of need. Also, a social director will minimize tension in the company.


Being a director who’s worked as a manager or any other administrative post in a company before is an added advantage because such an individual has a strong leadership foundation. The Fiddler’s Creek golf management has ensured the golf club offers the golf enthusiasts’ best experience.

After analyzing a good company director’s characteristics, you’ve understood why some individuals run businesses with ease while others struggle to make it. Leadership is a journey, but there’s always room for improvement if directors develop desirable skills and traits.