Legal professionals in the field of entertainment law, such as John Branca, provide contract and intellectual property guidance and services to those in the entertainment industry. These attorneys work with both companies and individuals in the field.


Entertainment lawyers have expertise in a variety of fields. For example, Entertainment Lawyer John Branca specializes in Artist representation and rebranding, royalty recovery and copyright law, to name a few. These legal professionals may also specialize in contract and labor law. Some may even provide estate and investment planning guidance. Therefore, these attorneys are top advisers for their clients.

Provide Connections

Entertainment lawyers also serve as liaisons between their clients and managers, entertainment companies, agents and even outside services, such as accountants. Because they work in a specialized field, these attorneys know and work with many of the industry’s participants. For example, an attorney who focuses on the music business may serve many different bands, and if you are a new musician, getting in contact and touring with established bands may advance your career rapidly.

Intellectual Property

Paying additional fees for managers, agents and lawyers can be costly, and some entertainment attorneys may serve as managers and agents as well, but they offer legal services that other service providers in the industry cannot.

If you are creative, you need a way to protect what you create. For example, musicians protect both their lyrics and music for each song they write, while authors and screenwriters protect their stories, including the wording they use. Not only does an entertainment lawyer prevent others from stealing your work, but they also handle transactions for the purchase, option, or licensing of your work.


Entertainment law requires expertise in negotiating contracts. Whether you are negotiating a book, movie or music deal, you need someone on your side who can get you the very best payment for your work. A good entertainment lawyer protects your interests during the negotiation process. Also, these attorneys may negotiate with multiple individuals or companies, such as production companies, studios, agents and directors, all at the same time for a single contract.


Although many lawsuits are handled by arbitration, in some cases, you may need to go to court to protect your rights and property. In both cases, you need a strong attorney with litigation experience. In addition, this type of litigation is complicated because the facts are difficult to prove in many cases. However, these lawyers understand how to argue these cases in front of a judge and jury.

If you are in the entertainment business, consider hiring an entertainment attorney.

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