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Crypto Trading and What You Need to have Now

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For a trader, one of the most promising markets at the moment is the cryptocurrency market. Indeed, thanks to its great advantages, digital currency has enjoyed great popularity since its launch. It has attracted investors not only with its characteristics, but also for the significant gain it generates.

Cryptocurrency is an untraceable anonymous currency

The appearance of cryptos was simultaneous with the appearance of the blockchain. Effectively, when you use digital currencies, your transactions are untraceable because all the transactions of the different traders which were carried out at the same time get mixed up in a kind of nodes, called “mines”, and all the nodes are grouped together in blocks that make up the blockchain. It is therefore totally impossible to know which trader made which transactions. This is not its only asset, the digital currency market is very volatile, which is what makes it very interesting in terms of profit, but also very dangerous. Most importantly, you need the network infrastructure setup for the proper crypto trading.

How to invest in crypto currencies?

To trade crypto currencies, two solutions are available to you: either buy you cryptos, or you go through a broker. Indeed, the crypto currency market is volatile. That is to say that the price of digital currency varies a lot in a small space of time, which makes it either very interesting or very dangerous because you can buy a given crypto, with a very high price and the next moment you see its price drop. So, to avoid falling into this trap, many investors decide to buy the digital currency and keep it for a later date, when its price increases to make a “gain” (if its price increases of course. ). This technique has many advantages over the long term.

Otherwise you can trade your crypto currencies with CFDs. Indeed, (and like any financial instrument in fact) cryptos can be traded via a CFD by betting either up or down by selling or buying CFDs that match, such as BTC / EUR for example. .

You can with this method, take advantage of the volatile nature of crypto currencies, and especially Bitcoin, which can bring you significant gains in a minimum of time.

You can use this method in two distinct ways using CFDs which offer the option of not having the asset: 

  • trade the BTC upwards,
  • trade the BTC down.

For example, the XTB allows you to take advantage of periods of decline in BTC, without having any on its stock portfolio! You can therefore benefit from a cryptocurrency, without having it first.

You can also trade the most secure social broker on the market, eToro, with its leverage of up to 5: 1.

Crypto currency broker: selection criteria 

To choose your crypto currency broker, several criteria must be met, and several points must be verified:

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