Dolly Parton is an extremely recognizable business women. She’s built an worldwide multi dollar business from her great singing voice. As she’s very popular her entertainment shows get popular – but she still seems to get everybody in – happy! So what can we gain knowledge from the way she does business?

Well let us take a look at the Dolly Parton Dinner Show experience and my visit there one Christmas. The dinner show relies in Orlando, Florida around the major junction before you decide to switch off for Disney so that as near to Disney property as you possibly can.

* The superb positioning of the extremely large show building (the same shape as a sizable barn) around the primary highway and major Orlando Vacation area junction, filled with large flashing signs, show occasions and phone number that you could see from the lengthy way away so that as you fall into line to exit for Disney.

* There have been two implies that evening so that as people ran out clutching their souvenirs (glasses, flag etc.), we ran in. The carpark was big enough to handle cars, vans, taxies and coaches without getting clogged up and also the shows swapped over rapidly and efficiently.

Well when we translate this into business marketing terms we learn:

* Positioning is definitely important – brick or click – place yourself in the perfect position that you could afford. For those who have an outlet or office – become established where one can be located and therefore are visible through the passerby. For those who have an internet site – then make certain you have good prominent links on as numerous major internet sites as possible afford/get. Including Google, Yahoo, MSN etc, but additionally browse around for directories etc.

* Make certain that the contact information are often present in your store or office, your ads, your letters, your email and your website. People feel well informed in working with you, they are able to order easily and may ask any queries which are stopping them from presently ordering.

By Rachel

Rachel Cohen: Rachel is a sustainability consultant who blogs about corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.