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Everything about Magnetic Closure Notebook That Will Blow Your Mind

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A magnetic closure notebook is a notebook where the pages are held together with magnets at the top and bottom, rather than a string or cord. This allows the user to insert paper through an opening on the front cover and then use magnets to hold it on each page.

Since the opening of magnetic closure notebooks, school notebooks have been experiencing more than one type of change and improvement. Magnetic closure notebooks have been improved with soft cover and elastic string at the same time so that students will not have to worry about tearing their book due to strong impact or pressure.

What is the use of a magnetic closure notebook?

The magnetic closure notebook has been beneficial to students since it helps them protect the notebook from damage during school. They can buy magnetic closure notebooks at a relatively lower price than other school books. Magnetic closure notebook is also suitable for students because it is easy to use, fast and efficient when they want to write on paper. Students will not need to search for another string or cord every time they want to insert a new paper into their book, which makes them save more time whenever they want to change their paper.

What are the advantages of using a magnetic closure notebook?

There are many advantages of using a magnetic closure notebook instead of traditional notebooks during school.

  1. It is more convenient to use


Magnetic closure notebooks are easy for students to use because when they want to insert a new paper, they only have to bend the pages upwards so that the notebook will automatically open so that the student can insert their paper.

  1. Students can use their resources for other things

Students can use their paper for other things other than inserting papers into the magnetic closure notebooks. They can change their papers into a notebook if they want, or even write on it with a pen.

  1. It is more convenient to carry


Magnetic closure notebook is very convenient to carry because there is no way that the pages in the book will fall out.

  1. It saves money because students do not need extra strings or cords for the notebooks


They do not need to spend money to buy and change new strings or cords anymore since they do not exist in magnetic closure books anymore since they are fast and easy to insert new paper.

Some Major Drawbacks:

  1. Paying to use a magnetic closure notebook


The cost of using a magnetic closure notebook may vary because they are different. The cost of getting a magnetic closure book depends on whether students need to buy the full notebooks or if they do not have to buy any additional accessories such as strings or cords.

  1. The weight of the notebook


The weight of the magnetic closure book may be a problem during school, especially when they want to use it when they do not want to use their hands because they are holding their books.

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