When life gets overwhelming, it’s easy to feel like your stress levels are spiraling out of control. If you’ve been feeling like this lately, a tantric massage London may be the perfect solution for you. Tantric massage has been around since ancient times and is known for its powerful ability to promote physical and mental wellbeing. Let’s take a closer look at how tantric massage can help you feel better and find relief from stress. 

What is Tantric Massage? 

Tantric massage is an ancient healing practice that combines the power of touch with the power of energy. This type of massage uses gentle rhythmic movements and deep breathing techniques to bring about states of peacefulness, relaxation, and balance in both body and mind. During a session, the masseuse will use their hands to stimulate points on your body known as marmas which are believed to influence your chakras or “energy centers” in the body. The goal is to open up blocked energy pathways so that energy can flow freely throughout your entire body.  

Benefits of Tantric Massage 

When done correctly, tantric massage is incredibly beneficial for mental and physical health. It can reduce anxiety levels by soothing the nervous system, helping you relax both mentally and physically. Because it increases circulation throughout the body, it can also relieve chronic pain or discomfort caused by tension or tight muscles. Additionally, it helps lower blood pressure while promoting healthy skin tone due to its cleansing properties. Finally, it can increase your libido by increasing sensitivity in erogenous zones like the genitals or breasts – making this type of massage great for couples looking for more intimacy in their relationship!

What Should I Expect from a Tantric Massage Session? 

A typical session usually begins with light touching such as stroking or massaging your back before progressing into deeper tissue work focusing on areas where tension tends to accumulate like the neck or shoulders. During this time, you may experience feelings of peace, joy and even emotional catharsis as any negative emotions that have been stored away are released from your body through tears or laughter – all without judgement from your masseuse who will be trained in providing a safe space for these experiences to take place without fear or embarrassment! At the end of each session, you should feel relaxed yet energized – ready to face whatever comes next on your journey! 

Tantric massage London offers a powerful way to relieve stress while promoting balance between mind-body-spirit connection through healing touch therapy techniques including marma point stimulation and deep breathing exercises that open up blocked energy pathways so that energy can flow freely throughout your entire body once again! By taking time out just for yourself during a session with one of our experienced masseuses – whether it be weekly, monthly or bi-monthly – you’ll notice increased relaxation levels as well as improved physical health thanks to enhanced circulation & reduced blood pressure; making this type of massage great for anyone looking for more peace & relaxation in their life!

By Rachel

Rachel Cohen: Rachel is a sustainability consultant who blogs about corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.