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Factors Hindering Women’s Progress In Workplace Culture

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Women have been conquering every possible arena to prove their mettle. In any industry, modern women are leaving no stones unturned to succeed in anything and everything they lay their eyes on. But women continue to suffer, and their growth is subjected to an array of hindrances.

Here are some of the significant factors that hinder women’s progress in workplace culture.

  • The traditional perspective of male leadership

Although it has been observed that women leaders make considerable contributions to their commitments, leadership is still perceived as a masculine task. People generally see men as leaders, and it has been ingrained in their brains that a leader should possess masculine qualities.

It is one of the significant factors that cause hindrances in women’s progress in company culture.

  • Company practices depicting men’s situations in case studies

Endless organizations around the world have been practicing this for decades. Every case study that an organization presents depicts a typical male scenario. Even if it is unisex, males are generally put first.

For example, when many advanced organizations offer a path to senior leadership in other parts of the world in multinational companies, it is usually perceived that it is the male who will move along with his ‘spouse.’ This means that although spouses can quickly move, this situation is less likely to occur for women at large.

  • Family responsibilities

Women are naturally expected to take up more responsibilities at home. It is perceived from the very beginning that after getting married and having children, a woman should be running the house and looking after all these things while the man gets to follow his career.

This is more prevalent in countries where family values and cultures are engrained in people from their childhood. The pressure of added responsibilities naturally affects women’s progress in workplace culture.

  • Limited access to role models

As ironic as it might sound, there are a limited number of women leaders around the world. Hence, women who are just starting with their career or happen to be at intermediate levels hardly have anybody to look up to.

This results in women being hesitant to advocate for themselves as, in some cases, they are not aware of the power that they might have.

  • Undue advantage and exploitation

Endless women are subjected to exploitation and harassment in their respective companies on a day to day basis. It is a ubiquitous sight where bosses try to take advantage of their young subordinates or associates.

Sadly, a lot of women fall prey to such atrocities and remain quiet. It primarily affects a woman’s psyche and, in some cases, leads them to quit midway because they find it difficult to cope with such hostile situations.


Being a woman in itself is challenging. Women are incredibly talented and go on to become great leaders in an organization. Their highly adaptive nature leads them to adjust to any business culture that they become a part of.

Even if the factors mentioned earlier hinder women’s progress around the globe, women still go on to achieve great heights of success wherever they put their heads in. Here’s to hoping that someday these factors will be washed out and women will go on to achieve what they deserve!

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