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Right Fire Strategy Options for You Now

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Protection against fire is a vital need for the safety of property and people. Securitas measures the risks of fire and their effects and evaluates the optimal measures to prevent these risks and protect people and property.

Fire Safety Advice

Each company has different security issues and needs depending on its industry.

  • To strengthen the security of a site or an establishment, Securitas advises companies by providing its expertise in security studies and audits.
  • Depending on the type of site, Securitas makes its specialized teams available to its customers: companies, high-rise buildings, ERP, industrial sites, etc.
  • Study of the descriptive safety notice when filing a building or rehabilitation permit for an establishment open to the public

Installation study of fire safety equipment

  • Study of the number and type of internal emergency resources
  • Design of evacuation plans, means of intervention, extinction, routing
  • Audit of building compliance with fire safety regulations
  • Accessibility audit of emergency resources
  • Accessibility audit for people with reduced mobility (PRM) and sensory impairments

Design of emergency response plans

A home fire is a major domestic accident: it affects everyone present on the premises. It quickly involves the neighborhood if no measures are taken to limit its spread: you can be the victim of a house fire even though it has not broken out at home.

A home fire is a serious accident: the toxic and caustic fumes endanger the vital functions of everyone present in the place where it occurs, from the first minutes. You can need a fire strategy there.

The main rules in case of fire are:

  • Alert the emergency services and give the appropriate information
  • Alert the occupants of the house or building
  • Try to extinguish the fire with the means in your possession
  • Evacuate the house and go to the planned meeting place
  • Make sure that no one is missing and that the premises have been completely evacuated

Some rules to follow in case of fire:

Never open a door before checking if it is hot

  • Touch the door before attempting to open it and if it is hot, exit through another exit if you can. A hot door can mean the fire is on the other side.
  • Crawl under the smoke and stay close to the ground to a safe place if the room is full of smoke.
  • If someone’s hair or clothing catches fire, smother the flames with a towel, blanket or something else, OR stop and roll on the ground to smother the flames.
  • If you are not using them and not to put them in standby mode. 
  • You will save energy (and therefore money) but also you will avoid overheating and therefore fire problems.

In your kitchen, never leave pots or pans on the fire without your supervision, even for a few minutes. Also remember to regularly clean your oven, hood or stove. Air circulation must be ensured, did you know that the first cause of death in a fire is intoxication? So remember to clean your hood well and make sure that the exhaust vents are not blocked.


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