Do you know what the financial market trends are for 2020? With the constant changes in the national scenario and the economic growth that we are experiencing today, many investors have returned to place more confidence in the Brazilian economy and, consequently, are returning to invest in our country. Concomitantly with this, a series of opportunities arises for the citizen who is not a big investor, but who wants to start making his money pay, also to take advantage of this wave of growth and prosperity. In this article, we will show you the main financial securities that you can invest during the year 2020 to have good results. On the other hand in case you wish to earn good, then choosing the North American Bancard Agent Program is also a perfect choice.

What is worth investing in?

Currently, the financial market has opened the door for Brazilian investors. Investing in the stock market has never been easier than it is today. There are several financial products at your disposal, including fixed income, variable income, indexes and future dollar, shares, among others that we will mention throughout this article.

How to deal with the recent changes in the financial market?

One of the main changes that occurred in the last few months was the brutal reduction in the profitability of fixed income investments. This had a positive side, as interest rates on loans and financing were also reduced. In this sense, many investors abandoned these securities and went to the stock exchange to trade shares and other variable income assets. This can be interesting, because, depending on the decisions of the Government, as well as the events at the national level, these bonds can have good movements, which can generate profits for the investor. The volatility of the financial market causes prices to change very frequently, this may even be good for those who want to do buy and sell operations on the same day, however, for those who want to buy a security and mark a position, they need to be very attentive to that question.

What are the financial market trends for 2020?

Now we are going to describe the main trends for the financial market in 2020. Keep reading and see which one you can enter to get your results.

  1. Fixed income

Although fixed income has its profitability cut, it is still a better type of investment than savings, mainly because it offers higher returns and with the same level of security. It is great for those who just want to let the money go without having to worry about market fluctuations.

  1. Variable income

With the fall in fixed income profitability, the variable gained its space in the market. Many people are going to the stock market to trade in securities that need a little more care, however, which generate a financial return considerably higher than those mentioned above.

  1. Stock market

The stock market can be classified as variable income, however, it is so sought after by investors that we can discuss it separately in this article. With the strong rise in the shares of some Brazilian companies, this type of asset has become much more attractive and safe for those who want to invest.

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By Rachel

Rachel Cohen: Rachel is a sustainability consultant who blogs about corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices.