Birthdays or Christmas or Easter, the most favorite times for kids are the celebrations. Kids love to give and receive gifts among their peers, be it the birthday parties or a Christmas celebration or a farewell party of a neighbor or a classmate.

Almost all the celebrations call for gifts and return gifts. We adults also enjoy organizing the party, the fun filled celebrations and the giveaways.


The Goodie bag idea

When we are done with the other organizing works for the celebrations and it is time, we select the gifts for our friends, we would like to give them something that they love, something best and something cost effective as well. This would result in generating so many choices of return gifts.

In satisfying all your intentions of choosing the best gift for everyone, a goodie bag is a great choice. It is one great way of packing so many choices of little things together as one nice little hamper for our loved ones.


We can help you with your search for a great bag to be used as goodie bag to pack other little stuffs you choose. There are full color printed bags, custom created bags just for you or the recycled bags. You can get all these and many more choices are there at the Custom Grocery Bags.

Their website lists so many options in reusable bags that you are sure to find the best one for you from them. What more, they get delivered to you at your door step too.

Some unique and cost effective goodie bags


Well, now that we have decided we will be giving away an exciting goodie bag, the question of what goes into the Goodie bags may concern you. Here are some interesting options that you can try.

  • Candies, cakes and snacks: The moment we hear goodie bags our mind automatically thinks of candy. They are pretty useful, but they are always a hit and loved by all. Well, obviously, who does not like a candy?
  • Books or comics: When you are hosting a kid’s party at your home and you are planning on spending some good deal of quality time with all kids, then a good bag with books is a great idea. You can all read the books together loud to each other. Once they finish, the kids can even exchange their books to read at home.
  • Painting kits or crafting kits: What can engage kids more than a lovely session of finger paintings or beautiful little craft taught to them all together? They would be happy to do these activities both while at the party or after it, at home.
  • Dress up costume making kits: Kids love their fantasy characters so much that they would be at the top of the world when they create their own props.

I hope you found the ideas in this article interesting. You have more to add to the list? Write to us and let us know. Be loud and proud. Share your ideas with the whole world.